FEATURED TRACK: Colour of Spring - Frail

FEATURED TRACK: Colour of Spring – Frail

by Jason

Colour of Spring is a shoegaze band hailing from Leeds. Their brand of swirling, dreamy shoegaze is infectious. With only a few releases under their belt, they are proving to be a shoegaze fan favorite and, if you don’t know them, you ought to. Their latest uploaded track is called “Frail” and it’s exceptionally good. It begins with a swirl of dreamy drones and bright guitar and then erupts into a wall of fuzzed out guitars. It’s aggressive, in an almost slowcore kind of way. The vocals come, creeping in from under the walls of sound as they peel away to give space for the otherworldly voice. The guitars shimmer in fuzzy wrappings, peel away to present shimmering melodies, and then erupt again. The ebb and flow of “Frail” are glorious. Take a listen, or two,  or ten….



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