Fawns of Love: Who Cares About Tomorrow (Self Release, 2017)

Fawns of Love: Who Cares About Tomorrow (Self Release, 2017)

by Red

Charming, so often the word is used as a pacifying pejorative when it comes to describing music and art. And yet as I sat in this dim flickering den I call my room and played the debut album, “Who Cares About Tomorrow,” from Bakersfield husband and wife dream pop act Fawns of Love, I was immediately charmed.

The music is a consciously LoFi affair. It perfectly mashes up the gaziest elements of shoegaze and the dreamiest elements of dreampop, whilst sounding very much like an old cassette recording straight from the eighties (fitting as the album is available on cassette now). Perfect music for putting on a mixed tape, sandwiched by New Order and the Chameleons naturally.

The first track, “Silly Boy” shows the aural blueprint the rest of the album follows. Swells, chorused guitars with delay, a driving joy divisionesque bass and drum machine tracks that sound wonderfully dated. The cherry on top is, of course, the sweet and almost girl like naive inflected vocals of Jenny Andreotti.

“How We Live Now” is drop dead gorgeous, reveling in melodrama, thick clouds of reverb and guitar shimmers. Joseph Andreotti shines, crafting a perfect musical construction, reflecting the heaviness of a cloudy twilight whilst Jenny‘s vocal lamentations drives the stake with a vulnerability that is more than palpable.

The music of the final track, “Scattered Places,” is a glistening, hazy and triumphant closer, haunting, inspiring and truly ethereal. It seals the deal, leaving you not only satisfied but enveloped in a haze that “Who Cares About Tomorrow” has effortlessly conjured. This band is for real.


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