The History of Colour TV: Wreck (Weird Books, 2016)

The History of Colour TV: Wreck (Weird Books, 2016)

by Jason

the-history-of-colour-tv-coverThe History of Colour TV has released two new tracks giving fans a sneak peek into their new forthcoming album Something Like Eternity. They are a Berlin based trio made up of Markus Moclydiarz, Janek Sparchta, and Jaike Stambach. Their first two albums, Emerald Cures Chic Ills and When Shapes of Spilt Blood Spelt Love on Saint Marie Records, explored electronic, fuzzed out shoegaze style tones and textures. “Wreck” seems to be taking the band in a newer, simpler direction. More stripped down and open, “Wreck” appears to preview an album that will be quite different from what came before.

“Wreck” begins with tom-heavy drums and bright picking guitar. It has a definite rock feel with a wonderful, slightly fuzzed out bass-line. The theme here surrounds a group of friends whose relationships have gone south and the narrator feels helpless as he watches everything fall apart. Apparently, the narrator depicts a car crash that, perhaps symbolically, marks the point of no return for the relationships. In terms of sound, there is almost a Shins meets The Smashing Pumpkins tonal range here with a giant serving of melancholia. “August Twenty-First” is the B-side to this single and it is a 5:47 sample of a rainstorm. It’s incredibly soothing.

“Wreck” is a brief glimpse into The History of Colour TV’s vision for their upcoming album. I look forward to hearing more.

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