Seasurfer: If You Leave 7" Single (Saint Marie Records, 2016)

Seasurfer: If You Leave 7″ Single (Saint Marie Records, 2016)

by Jason

coverSeasurfer is a shoegaze/post-punk band hailing from Hamburg, Germany which began as a project by Dirk Knight in 2013. The current line-up consists of Dirk Knight, Julia Beyer & Volker Zacharias. On Halloween of 2016, they released their newest 7” single If You Leave. This is three tracks that preview a forthcoming LP and the 7” is limited to only 50 copies.

“If You Leave (Single Mix)” is fuzzed out, dreamy with punk drums under the layers. Beyer’s vocals are exquisite and float along with a dark-wave undertone. If you are familiar with their prior output, it should be no surprise that this is a quality track. They are not a derivative band that sounds like everyone else. Rather, there is a Seasurfer sound, which is impressive given how young the band is. This band is a shoegaze fan’s dream.

“Keep the Dream” is the second song on the single and has an almost surf-punk vibe to it. The bliss-pop is strong with this one. The chorus is amazingly catchy among layers of floating, layered guitars and textures. This song is definitely a hit and does not feel like a B-side at all. “Too Late for Goodbye (Springtrap Mix)” is a digital download bonus. The track takes their post-punk drum flavor and turns it into a dance mix with bright electronic noises and a thumping bass. There is a demo of the original  up on their soundcloud and it is a wall of sound, sonic assault on the senses. The mix track is far more subdued in this regard. The single’s fun take on the song flips it on its head.

Seasurfer has produced a salivating teaser for their next full-length album. If this band isn’t huge on the shoegaze scene soon, I will be shocked. It won’t be because they aren’t worthy. Spread the word, buy their last album, and get this single. You will not be disappointed.

Buy the Seasurfer single here.

The official Seasurfer site is here.

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