FJORDNE/Stabilo: Andrew Split EP (Independent, 2016)

FJORDNE/Stabilo: Andrew Split EP (Independent, 2016)

by Jason

fjordne-stabiloAndrew is a split EP by FJORDNE and Stabilo. Fujimoto Shunichiro is the artist behind FJORDNE and he hails from Tokyo, Japan. Yasutica Horibe is the artist behind Stabilo as well as the guitar player for the post-rock band Speaker Gain Teardrop. Stabilo is based in Hiroshima, Japan. The two trade off tracks on the EP beginning with the title track by FJORDNE. The EP as a whole is a demonstration in the use of quiet spaces, silence, subtle piano, and ambient drones. Both use textures, tones, and timing to creating expansive moods and emotive arrangements.

“Andrew” begins the EP and is a piano piece by FJORDNE. Shunichiro constructs a piece here that is patient, with a slowly revealed melody. There is a jingling sound in the background like metal trinkets on a key ring. Other sounds enter the mix, like fuzzy ripping, beeping, and interruptions. While the piano plays, there is a purposeful brokenness to the textures. Eventually, the piano fades to pounding keys, but, soon after the moment of confusion, the melody returns. The second track is Stabilo’s first entry. A beautiful drone sits under fuzz and swirling, light patterns in a cinematic soundscape. Various sounds come to life amid the droning flow, clicking, clanking almost like pieces of wood coming into contact during a breeze. Piano, an instrument that ties the EP together, then floats along the top of the drone. Horibe is also patient, careful, purposeful and not afraid of quiet pauses. The piano slowly sings out its melody, which has a melancholy flavor to it. As the track progresses, other textures and tones are brought in to enhance the feel but, again, Horibe is patient, building a beautiful ambient track as he takes his listener on a journey.

“Aquainted” is the second track offered by FJORDNE who plays almost a jazz type melody on his piano. Again, he adds beautiful textures to fill out the track, giving a sense of whimsy and, dare I say, adventure. There is a sparkle, perhaps a nostalgia, to the track as voices whisper, organs play, tears and fuzz, as well as what sounds like a xylophone is enlisted. One could listen to this track and hear something new on almost every repeat but it never feels crowded or forced. “Alison” is the final track and is offered by Stabilo. It begins with another drone, this time, more ominous and deep at the outset. Metallic taps and sounds, hums, the sound of water, and then electric buzzes are a part of Horibe’s palate here. The textures and sonics move in and out of the speakers creating this atmosphere of aural pleasure.

Fujimoto Shunichiro and Yasutica Horibe are master composers, deftly utilizing patience, texture, sonics, and arrangements to produce beautiful soundscapes. I highly recommend you go and download their EP and hear it for yourself.

You can download Andrew here.

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