Rachel Goldstar: S/T 7″ (Rollerderby Records, 2005)

by Jason

Goldstar 7Rachel Goldstar has finally released some of her own solo tracks for the world to hear. She is the golden voiced siren who is in Experimental Aircraft, Eau Claire, and has sung on a number of Monster Movie tracks. Hailing from Austin Texas, Rachel is no amateur when it comes to writing and recording and her first three songs available to us proves that she can do it on her own. She not only demonstrates her ability to put together her own songs, but she also demonstrates a vulnerability in her lyrics. This S/T 7″ is three tracks long and certainly leaves the listener wanting more. Quiet moments and walls of sound pepper this brief musical landscape.

This little vinyl treasure begins with “Untitled Instrumental.” Bells and blissful keys
invite the listener into Rachel‘s world. Perhaps xylophones ring in amongst the walls of sound that she begins to erect around the glitter of chiming noises. The track worbles, giving an ominous, sort of chaotic feel amongst the bright and cheerful glitters and clangs. This leads the listener into a rather melancholly tune about “Christmas Day.”

“Christmas Day” begins with what sounds like an Oboe. Rachel blends her sultry vocals with light strumming while Carlos Jackson lends a hand with stripped down drums. Bells kingle amidst the mix as Rachel sings “I found out Christmas day that you were going away.” Fuzzed out guitars intervene in the bridge as she croons “goodbye” to the one she longs for, althought it seems she does this in a resolute fashion, leaving nothing of her sorrow inside of herself.

Lastly, and much much too soon, “Fourteen Hours” rounds out the 7″ on its b-side. Again, Rachel woos the listener with her hypnotic strumming while Jackson lends a hand with the drums again. This tracks is a bit on the dark side as well and a sense of betrayal is generated by the lyrics. Tambourine eventually joins the mix while layers of guitars playfully dance around its shimmer. The miriad of guitar tones on this track play well against each other, eventually mixing to create a wall of sound, both colossal and moaning. This wall brings the track to a close as it peeters out into the fade.

Rachel has added a much needed set of songs to her catalog of work. As usual, her work is breathtaking and, bonus, it’s on vinyl!! Now, all we need is a full length.

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