Andrew Prinz and Ryan Hancock of Mahogany

Andrew Prinz and Ryan Hancock of Mahogany

by Brent

Mahogany is a New York City based dreampop band that has captured the attention of music fans all over the world. Their most recent release, the double CD Connectivity! has garnered numerous accolades due to its often ethereal pop songs. Andrew Prinz and Ryan Hancock from the band kindly answered a few of our questions for this exciting band.

How did the band members of Mahogany get their start in music?

Lessons, classes, bands formed, tape projects, music production, listening, playing.

How did Mahogany form?

I originally put the band together as a trio in Michigan, then I moved to NYC in 1999 – the group has grown into the current ensemble of seven: Jason Holmes, percussion. Katrina Rudmin, singing, keyboards. Ana Breton, singing, guitar. Ryan Hancock, singing, guitar. Andrew Prinz, singing, guitar. Jeremy Scott, bass. Roy Styles, bass. Everyone contributes additional instrumentation too.

What inspires you to write your lyrics?

I’m inspired by the members of the ensemble, my friends, and the community in which we live.

What themes and ideas do you seem to gravitate towards as songwriters?

With Mahogany there are often ideas about technology – the appropriate use of technology, the exploration of better uses for technology – and you also have themes in architecture or transportation. Then there are the timeless themes of relationship, emotion, and experience too.

Give us an inside view on the recording of Connectiivity!. How did the CD come about, and what was the mood in the studio like?

The Connectivity! record was ultimately the work of a large group of people whose enthusiasm and energy is boundless. The mood in the studio was intense, focused, and exciting.

How did you hook up with Robin Guthrie, and what was it like working with him?

We started talking with Robin while we were finishing the recording. We sent him some of our tracks since he lives in France, and then he would send us a version of the track and we would talk on the phone about it. Very fun and engaging.

Why was there such a long gap between your full-length releases? (we’re grateful for the EP’s in the interim, but why so few full-lengths in that last 7 years or so?)

There were specific considerations with the Connectivity! record and so we took the time to explore those thoughts. Everyone in the ensemble has great insight so it was important to make those steps together – and find the common threads that feel real and unique.

In your opinion how has the independent music world changed since Mahogany first started releasing music?

I think it is becoming more positive and more community-driven.

How does your NYC location affect your music and the way you approach music as a whole?

People I know in NYC have a strong and abiding connection with music, so it is always inspiring.

If I was to go to the Dec 29’th Mahogany show in Toronto at the Drake (and I very well might!), what should I expect to see?

Mahogany will perform songs from ‘Connectivity!’ live with projections from the Klip Collective

What are some of your favourite cd’s and/or artists?

Freescha, Auburn Lull, Brasilia

What’s in the future for Mahogany and its members?

More recording, shows in NYC, Philadelphia, and Lima Peru with more to come. the next chapter unfolds.

Any other comments?

Please see our myspace page at for show info, album reviews. is our official site. Thank you for the questions.

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