Andrew Prickett

Andrew Prickett

by Jason and Brent

Jason and Brent corner Andrew Prickett (The Doc, of Prayer Chain, Violet Burning, Cush, and more) and pummel him with questions:

How did you get your start in music?

after much begging, my parents bought me an electric guitar for Christmas when I was 14.  I took piano lessons when I was a kid, too.

You sang on Mercury’s song “Sun Stoned”, and sang like an angel. Why don’t you sing more often?

It was very difficult to get me to sound ok on that.  I don’t sing well technically, so it requires studio pain to make it work.  I’d rather be a drummer before a singer.

Who is your favorite guitar player, and why?

The edge.  He comes up with great sounds, and his choice of parts is understated, simple, and completely right.

What band would you say suits your style of playing more: the prayer chain, cush, or the violet burning?

I think overall, it will be found that Cush does in the long run.  But up until now, definitely the prayer chain.

What would you say is your favorite album you have worked on?  Would you tell us some stories about working with different bands, i.e. the Autumns, Violets, Cush, etc.  Whatever comes to mind.

I have favorite things about every band I’ve worked with.  The autumns made captivating music, but were resistant to outside help.  The ep’s were all fun, the angel pool was more of an ‘epic’ undertaking.  But they are still probably my favorite band of all time that I have worked with.  The violet self-titled was a great experience, although those were very dark times, and represent quite a different era for me.  I was allowed to rock more than I thought I would be, so it was cool in that way.  But it isn’t something that I initiated, just decorated.  The first Cush album was a long time process, and saw the death of Gene Eugene right smack in the middle of it.  That was a rough one on a lot of levels.  Just trying to get people to get along and work for a common goal is enough, let alone trying to actually make something great.  Mercury was the hardest ever, but the most rewarding.  More recently, I truly enjoyed working on the Holly Nelson record.  It was refreshing, fun, and required me to try and act like a pro instead of a schlep.

What music do you have in the works right now?

Right now I am finishing work on the All Things Bright and Beautiful release for Northern, and we have begun a Cush record which will be joined by another and a spiritual ep in the next month or two as well.  I am playing live with Cush, the violets, and holly.

Give us an idea of the sound of the new Violets record?  Did you contribute any other work to the album besides playing guitar?

I functioned as Michael’s main partner in crime, giving him ideas, encouragement, insight, and criticisms that only The Doc can.  I also recorded a fair amount of it and co-produced it with him.  I ended up mixing it as well.  I think my smallest role was as a guitar player.  The thing sounds great in my opinion.  More upbeat overall, and the mellow stuff is more refined and sorted out.  I like it.

Can you tell us anything about the new Cush projects coming this year?

Not anything other than I hope to have 3-4 full-lengths done, 3 with boy singers and 1 with a girl singer.  However, that could all change, because there are at least 2 other girl singers I want to do records with, so we’ll see.

What is your role at Northern Records?

Besides causing trouble, I mainly am in charge of the music production.

What do you think of the Northern Message Board?

It’s fun, I read it every day.  You all like Wayne too much for your own good though.  I celebrate Pee Wee’s comments, as well.

Who are you currently listening to?

The war.  I rarely have time for recreational listening.  The last record I bought was the new Missy Elliot album, which has a few decent tracks.  My new favorite thing is Canary.

Where did you get the nickname “The Doc”?

Jason Martin gave it to me for fixing his guitar while we were on tour.  He seemed amazed that a musician could also tech gear, so he said I was ‘the doctor of rock’.

Any other comments?

Thanks for all the support.  Buy every northern recording.  We are the then, the now, and the will be.  Jesus loves you.

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