Televise: Outside Out (Club AC30, 2005)

Televise Outside Out

by Jason

Televise is a band hailing from England and is made up of Simon Scott (ex-Slowdive), Nick King, Jamie Armstrong, and Alex Dowding. Having released a song on the Club AC30 singles series, Televise has returned to the Club AC30 label to release another single all on their own. Outside Out is a three song single that is loaded with energy, blissfulness, and straightforward addicting hooks.

The disc starts off with the title track “Outside Out.” This is a high-energy rock song with shoegazer elements mixed in. The guitars remind me a lot of Thebrotherkite’s work. Simon Scott breathes into the mic a song of an outsider while the guitars reverberate all around him and the bass and drums move the song forward. As the song winds down, a blissed out, somewhat jazzy space interlude peters out the song. “Let Me Down” begins with a wall of warbling sound and the drums and shakers come in. The guitars shimmer and the bass glues the pieces together. The tempo is slow and methodical. Simon’s voice is more emotive in this song and has great reverb on it. This song has a strong shoegaze element and the guitars really make beautifully subtle walls of sound. “If I Told You” is the last song on this single and begins with dreamy guitars, drums and great bass work. Simon’s vox are raw and sincere and the mix sounds really like a live recording. The song remains dreamy throughout and the guitar tones are great and huge. The interlude in the song is quite and wistful. As the song fades, a glittering wall of sound comes up in the mix with heavy drums. This finishes the disc with shoegaze excellence.

Televise is a young band and has tons of potential. I can’t wait to hear how this band develops and what their first full-length will bring to the shoegaze scene.

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