Richard Swift: P.S. It All Falls Down 7″ (Velvet Blue Music, 2004)

by Jason

Swift All Falls DownRichard Swift’s work is becoming a staple at Somewhere Cold. He constantly turns out impressive musical adventures that recall early electronic music, 20’s big band feels, and the best of 60’s pop. He has released a series of 7”s and P.S. It All Falls Down is the third. This disc is pressed on beautiful white vinyl, which always is a plus to me, and has sides “brown” and “white,” with “brown” being the “A” side.

“P.S. It All Falls Down” starts with a great composition of bass work and jangly guitar. It has the feeling of old saloon music, but it’s certainly not hokey. Swift seems to be able to take any sound or genre and really make that genre fresh and interesting. I guess the saloon feel comes from the tempo of the song, while the rest of the pieces really have an early jazz feel. One of my favorite moments in the song is when the instruments quiet down and the lightly caressed piano really takes the fore. Of course, Swift’s crooning vocals really bring all the parts together. Brilliant!

Side “white” boasts two tracks called “Artist and Repertoire” and “Walking Without Effort Theme.” “Artist and Repertoire” has piano and a conversational feel about it. It seems to be about a conversation with people and Swift about hard times and ways that, perhaps, he is seen in the wrong light. There are great horn parts and some flittering acoustic guitar. There is a somber tone to this track both vocally and instrumentally. Really, Swift delivers another beautiful track. “Walking Without Effort Theme” is a short instrumental that has a fairy tail sort of feel and it really blends well with “Artist.” There are horns and what sounds like a small vibraphone or something. There are sparse drums that have a slow cadence. This track is dreamy and thoughtful and evokes memories of “the good ol’ days.”

What can I say? I haven’t heard a bad track from Richard Swift ever and he has proven to me that, at this point in his career, he’s just not going to disappoint. Three perfect tracks on beautiful white vinyl. The only thing I ask for is more!

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