Timonium: Until He Finds Us (Pehr, 2004)

by Jason

Timonium FindTimonium is an Los Angeles based band that consists currently of Adam Garcia, Adam Hervey, occasionally James Rawson and, until 2005, Tracy Uba. They play shimmering, stripped down pop that is both cold and beautifully warm at the same time. Until He Finds Us is their latest offering. They paint beautiful soundscapes with angelic vocals.

“Population” starts off the album with shimmering guitars and angelic vocals. The percussion is sparse, yet powerful. It is a beautiful and brief song that ushers the listener into the world of Timonium. “Red Pawn” has melancholy male and female vox floating on sparse, simple, shimmering guitar. This explodes in a slow, plodding movement of loud guitars are effective percussion with the patience of Low. The effect of the song is perfect for those days when the snow is falling outside and there are small wisps of the wind while the last vestiges of birds fly south overhead to escape the cold. “Across the Footlights” has light strumming that creates a down comforter for Uba’s vox to lie on. Eventually, Hervy’s vox come into the mix and there is a sort of play on one another with answering. This is a rather long track and is beautiful throughout. The music really floats across your ears as Timonium lull you into peaceful moments until they pick up the speed a bit. When this happens, a brief moment of indie-pop appears and fades just as fast.

“Solemn Corridors” has male vox, soft percussion and dreamy guitar. This eventually speeds up a tad and Uba’s vocals come in to support Hervey. What is so great about this band is they have these explosive moments, but they are never overdone. Also, their writing is patient and lush, with sparse arrangements, soft vocals, and perfect percussion and bass. “Flagship” is a great example of all these elements coming together for Timonium. They take those influences of Low and Galaxy 500 and sprinkle them with bits of shoegazer quietness. The ending of this song is beautiful, soft and Timonium paints a beautifully quiet soundscape. “Rememory Screen” has an ambient feel to start. This soundscape is soft, subtle and frankly gorgeous. Unfortunately, the song is short. I would love to have listened to “Screen” for much much longer.

“Filamented” has beautifully sparkling guitars and those male and female vocals again. Breathtaking! That’s all I can think of when I hear this band. Melodically, they are gorgeous and their song structure is impeccable. They also have a way of bring the melancholy to the listener with a tender touch. “Embalme Anonym” starts with hints of bass, guitar picking and sparse drums. The vocals are slow and really carry the melody. Until He Finds US ends with “A Past Within a Past.” This begins with soft guitar and snare work that shifts into soft male/female vox. There is this killer bridge that sounds like angels harmonizing in “Past.”

Timonium are subtle, angelic, breathtaking, and simply gorgeous. They know how to put together a subtle, patience piece of art. I really have nothing else to say but go and buy this disc immediately. You will not be disappointed.

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