Club AC30 #1 (Club AC30, 2004)

by Jason

AC 30 1The first of the Club AC30 singles is packed with three songs that are incredible tracks. From the warm soundscapes of The Zephyrs to the shimmering walls of Air Formation to the distinct sound of Highspire. This single may be short, but it packs more than one might think in it’s three tracks.

Club AC30 #1 begins with Ulrich Schnauss’ remix of The Zephyr’s “Stand Round Hold Hand.” The song starts out with simple beat and floating keys. It builds to a soft and warm feel. There is sparse percussion with xylophone type sounds and echoing keyboards floating on warm soundscapes. There are echoing vocals that come in and bring a spacey feel to the track. Then, the percussion picks up and a melodic, female vocalist breaks in opposite the male vocals. Finally, all the instruments and vocals crescendo, and then fade. The end of the song has sprinkles of acoustic guitar and spacey keys. Frankly, this is a beautiful track. Warm, floating soundscapes that will please any listener.

Air Formation hails from England and is a band that has recently released a disc on Clairecords. They contribute a track called “Keep On Endlessly.” This track begins right off with shimmering walls of sound. The guitars are huge and build an epic formation of sound. The vocals are awash in the percussion and waves of keys while the percussion is patient. The track is very even keel, but that is great because it creates this hypnotic feel.

Lastly, the grand Highspire, hailing from good ol Philadelphia, PA, contribute a track called “Chipping Campden.” The track has spaced out guitars and straightforward percussion. The vocals are “matter-of-fact” in their approach. Just like on their album Your Everything, they bring a distinctly different sound to the shoegaze scene. They blend the sounds of great 80’s bands like Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure with Slowdive style guitars.

Three strong tracks kick of this series of singles from Club AC30 in England. Buy it while they are still around!

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