Calico Sunset

Calico Sunset

by Jason

Please introduce yourselves to our readers.  Who are you and how did Calico Sunset form?

I’m Joseph Andreotti and I write all of the music, which consists of drum programming, and synthesizers.

I’m Jenny Alvis and although I used to play keyboards I just sing now.

We are the calico sunset and we are from Bakersfield, Ca.

The two of us met in a British Literature class. We got along really well, so we decided to start a band. That was over three years ago.

Your demo, Set People Dreaming from the Silent Era, has a very retro sound.  What was the writing process like for this disc?  What was the recording process like?

Our whole goal in writing this demo was to have a more dynamic sound. So we wrote some songs, then recorded them in Joseph’s bedroom on a eight track digital recorder in our hometown Bakersfield, Ca. Then a few weeks later we went down to Riverside, Ca, and that’s when Josh Dooley put down his guitar parts.

Josh Dooley of Map was involved with your demo.  How do you know Josh?

Joseph had heard that the former keyboardist from Starflyer 59 had a band and checked them out on their website. So when we heard that Map was going to be playing in Bakersfield, we tried to get added on the bill at the venue he was going to be playing. The show was already booked so the promoter said no at first, but then there was a last minute cancellation so we got to play it. That’s when we met Josh. Shortly after that we played some more shows with him and got to know each other better. That’s when he got involved in our demo.

You are currently signed to VBM.  How do you know Cloud and what direction will your new disc take musically?  Will Josh Dooley participate in this recording?

Well we have been fans of VBM for a while now, so when we recorded our first demo, VBM was the first label that we wanted to send it to. About 3 months later we received a letter from Jeff Cloud asking us to be on the VBM unsigned band comp. About a month after the compilation was released we sent him our new demo with Josh playing on it. About a month after that we came in contact with Jeff Cloud at a Music Festival, and that’s when he told us that he’d be interested in putting our record out.

Unlike our past demos only Jenny will be singing on the record, and Joseph will be composing the music. Our new album is much more drum and bass oriented and is much more catchier. More aggressive as well. Since we are forever asking Josh advice and sending him our songs to tell us what he thinks, he definitely has played a big part in the musical direction we have took. Jeff Cloud has also played a huge role in our direction, and has given us some great advice on song structure and such.

We are fortunate enough to have Josh Dooley lend his guitar talents to us once again. Also this time he composed a song that will appear on the upcoming album called “The Frown Winter Found.” Its a beautiful song and we’re happy to have it.

What is your hope for Calico Sunset?  Where do you want to take this group and its music?

After releasing the upcoming album on VBM titled, “Deep Paranoia Deep,” we hope to continue playing more shows in California and eventually Nation Wide. We’re still just so excited that we’re on VBM, we have yet to start thinking about what we should do next. I guess we just want to take it as far as it will go, and hope to continue to make music that we like and find interesting.

What artist would you say are your greatest musical influences?

For Jenny its Jarvis Cocker of Pulp and Relaxed Muscle. He is a genuis in music and in style. His lyrics are original and witty, he’s a modern day Oscar Wilde.

For Joseph its Jason Martin (SF59), Ronnie Martin (Joy E), and Jeff Cloud (SF59, Joy E). I grew up listening to Starflyer and Joy Electric. They continue to make some of the best  most original music out there today.

What discs are you currently listening to?

Jenny-  Pulp: His ‘n’ Hers and Different Class, Relaxed Muscle: A Heavy Nite With…., Map: Secrets by the Highway, Belle and Sebastian: Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Bryan Ferry: Let’s Stick Together, Blur- Think Tank, and Duran Duran: The Greatest Hits.

Joseph- Slowdive: Just for a Day, Pulp: Hits, Siouxsie and the Banshees: the best of, Map- Secrets…, SF59: Old, and Joy E: Starcadia.

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