Mascott: Follow the Sound (Le Grand Magistery, 2000)

by Jason

Mascott SoundHailing from the north-east, Kendall Jane Meade, a.k.a. Mascott, is a pop, singer-songwriter with a voice that just speaks to you. “Follow the Sound” demonstrates her incredibly beautiful vocals mixed with her poetic abilities and simple, yet amazing song arrangements. “Sound” is thematically filled with uncertainty about what might be coming up in life, how to make decisions, and about whether or not love will ever be right. Among these themes, Meade is never cliché. She is able to take ideas like love and fear and place the listener in that moment before either happens. She sings much about that time of anticipation, of the unexpected moment before a decision or before life is about to throw you a curve.

The title track, “Follow the Sound,” sets up the tone for the rest of the album. It displays Meade‘s fabulous vocals, which carry this song completely. The musical arrangement is simple and stripped down with drums and sprinkles of piano here and there. The song seems to be about Kendall chasing music, but, at the same time, the images provoke a love interest as well. She is a lyricist who is able to combine images in a very unique and thought provoking way. “Keeper of Secrets” is a beautiful, slow pop-song with cascading guitars. Meade sings about one’s unknown abilities that are hidden inside and the need for courage to step out and take chances to find them. “The Rays” has subtle bass with shimmering guitars. Once again, Meade‘s beautiful voice sings of wanting to break out, to become, to be found out in a more serious light. She wants to be known, not in that plastic, celebrity kind of way, but as a human being.

“History as Planned” is a quiet song about the fact that the future can only tell if a relationship will turn out right. The trumpet on this track is a little dirtied up with fantastic rhodes in the background. “Costume Ball” is a perfect pop song akin to Club 8 with fanciful imagery of that Cinderella night at the costume ball. The synth in this song adds a beautiful touch to the song as it lingers behind Meade‘s gorgeous, dreamy voice. “Weight of the World” is another highlight on the album. It is a very poetic song penned by Judson Ehrbar. It’s a stripped down song that really allows the lyrics to speak. Also, there are lots of noisy clicks and synth effects added to the song.

This album has inventive instrumentation, fantastic indie-pop, great lyrics, and a singer-songwriter who is able to write fantastic melodies. A plus for any music lover and their record collection.

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