V/A: Soak Your Shoes in Red Wine and Strike The Angels Dumb (Grand Theft Autumn, 2003)

by Brent

Soak Your Shoes in Red Wine and Strike The Angels DumbCompilations are usually hit and miss. Especially 19 song ones, with songs culled from various bands and record labels. That fact alone, the fact that there are 19 different songs from 19 different bands, is one of the things that makes this cd so special. 19 songs….yet there is not 1 weak song! 19 songs, and yet they all flow together so well! 19 songs, and yet the cd ends leaving you wanting more! Grand Theft Autumn has scored a massive hit (in my eyes) with this indie pop / shoegazer / singer-songwriter gem.

I was first interested in this compilation when in the track listing provided by the label several months before the release of the cd, I saw familiar names such as Wayne Everett, Eskimo Hunter, Frank Lenz, Duraluxe, Lull Account, Charity Empressa and electro group. None of these familiar names disappoint with their tracks, and some (Lenz, C.E., and Duraluxe) surprise the listener with new sounds and ideas that work quite well, without being too strange to be called unfamiliar.

But, at the same time, the unfamiliar (to me) bands also work to make this compilation an enjoyable, cohesive listen:

Shiner does an amazing job covering my bloody valentine’s “Only Shallow”.
The Silent League plays wonderful, mellow pop, complete with 70’s singer songwriter aspects to it.
Camden‘s sensitive song is moving and passionately performed.
Jimi Shields (brother of MBV‘s Kevin Shields) and Suzanne Thorpe plays a mainly acoustic song that sounds like it could be a b-side of a long-lost My Bloody Valentine record.

It’s not fair to really start picking out songs, because each song is great, and this compilation works well as a collection of songs from wildly talented songwriters and artists.

1 hour and 17 minutes of great music. I think this may be my favorite compilation ever. Get this today!

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