The Tyde: Twice (Rough Trade America, 2003)

by Jason

Tyde TwiceSunny beaches and rock and roll. This disc conjures up imagery of those two things. Twice makes me miss my youth when I used to go to the beach every weekend in the summer and be a “sun worshipper” watching the surf, feeling the heat and the freedom that came with summer days. This is definitely a feel good album for me. It is a mixture of acoustic pop/rock and that good ol’ surf music from the 60’s and 70’s mixed with some Pink Floyd and The Beatles. Besides all the imagery and memories conjured up by this disc, it is a solid sophomore release by this band. Every track is golden and the musicianship is fantastic. Darren Rademaker‘s Lou Reed/Bob Dylan style vocals blend perfectly with the beach pop/rock of the band. This bands sensitivity to time changes in their song is impeccable. The song never gets boring and keeps the listener on his/her toes.

Since this album is full of great music, I thought I would simply highlight a couple of tracks to give you an idea of the Tyde‘s style and influence. “Henry VIII” is a track that demonstrates this bands expertise in making a tight pop song. Henry clocks in at a mere 2:35 and there is not a second wasted. The drum work is tight, the bass work subtle and the organ work is incredible. Henry is about friends, a love for music, and hanging one’s head out the car window. Just fun stuff.

Another highlight for me is “Memorable Moments”. This track in particular stands out to me because of the impressive work on the Rhodes/Synth. I am enamored with Ann Do‘s work on this disc. I love when synths or old Rhodes are used in such a subtle way. She accents the music perfectly, never overpowering the guitar work. “Shortboard City” is probably my favorite track on the disc. It is strait up surf rock with Beach Boyesque background vocals. Any fan of Wayne Everett would probably dig this song. It is just plain fun. It inspires one to go out and get a convertible, lower the top, and drive the west coast. Man, this disc makes me homesick.

I have nothing but good things to say about this disc. It is fanciful, fun, and solid. The musicianship is great and the band is extremely tight. So, go to the beach, get out the radio, and crank up The Tyde!

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