Ln: Imaginary Cars EP (Velvet Blue Music, 2000)

by Brent

LN_imaginaryFor my first attempt at writing a music review, I am going with Ln’s Imaginary Cars. This ep is a beautiful, subdued, and mellow form of shoe gaze, ala mellow Starflyer 59. The gentle, reverberated guitars, tasteful keyboards, and whispered vocals make for a gentle, soothing listen.

The ep starts out with the instrumental “rosmere”, an almost foreboding piece, preparing the listener for the music to follow. The following songs gently lead the listener on a journey of love, devotion, and dreamy reverb. While some may harp about the fact that Ln is not the most original band (indeed, comparisons to Starflyer 59 and others are not inappropriate), they play well. Imaginary Cars is a wonderful listen for a dark night or a rainy day.

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