Colophon: Spring 10"  (Dreams by Degrees, 2002)

Colophon: Spring 10″ (Dreams by Degrees, 2002)

by Brent

Colophon SpringLiving in Southern Ontario, I cannot but help to notice the subtle signs that signal the end of winter. With the gradual melting of snow and ice, the hint of warmth in the air, the smell of mud and running water, and the lengthening daylight, the promise of a new era of life and vibrancy is sensed. Gradually, the evidence of rebirth and renewal becomes more apparent, and as the birds return and perch on previously lifeless tree branches, spring comes into view.

It is to this time of transcendent hope and rejuvenation that Jefre Cantu (Tarentel), under the moniker of Colophon, attempts to craft a soundtrack. As part of the Dreams by Degrees 10″ Seasons series, Colophon‘s Spring follows in the footsteps of Coastal‘s perfectly somber and pristine representation of winter on Winter. With 2 tracks, clocking out at a combined 17 minutes, Colophon‘s Spring offers a warm, vocal-less ambience of droned guitars and sound effects that communicate the subtle beauty of the season. And Colophon not only achieves this effect by incorporating what
sounds like field recordings of actual thunderstorms in the music; he also captures the beauty of spring through the warm guitar sounds that he uses. The music itself, of a drone/atmospheric kind, nevertheless contains subtle nuances that mirror the natural transformations of a bleak, wintry landscape to one of life. The medium of Spring is also perfectly suited to the music, as the crackles and warmth of vinyl serve to augment the delicate mood. “Spring” is meditative, transcendent, and even spiritual, and as I sense the changes that appear as another spring rears it head in Southern Ontario, I realize that Spring captures the season’s hope as it sheds winter’s cold grasp. Another triumph for the Dreams by Degrees, and as usual with the label, the artwork is stellar. Lovely. For fans of: Windy and Carl, Tarentel, Yellow6, Stars of the Lid.

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