Coco B's

Coco B’s

by Jason

Please tell us a little about yourselves.  Who are you?  Who are the members of Coco B’s?  How did the band form?

Coco B’s are pretty much just Bob and I.  The band formed after our last band, Retriever, broke up a few years ago.  It took me about a year to actually want to get back into playing music with anyone again.  I was still writing songs, but just was a little burnt after the way Retriever ended.  Fortunately, Bob and I had been keeping in touch and both of us had a bunch of songs by the time we hooked up again.  It is so much easier with just two people.  Bob and I get along really well, probably because there’s no one else involved, at least in the songwriting process.

The songs on Holy Nova Symphony blow me away.  Can you give us an indication of what the song writing process was like? When did the process of recording begin and how long did it take to make your half of the disc?

The songwriting process tends to be extremely long when it comes to Coco B’s.  Bob and I telecommunicate quite frequently.  He and I both leave bits of guitars and songs on each other’s answering machines.  We’re very picky once we start recording.  In fact, some of the songs on Holy Nova we first started recording a few years ago, and just finished them last year.  We recorded most of Holy Nova during the same sessions we were recording Coco B’s Basement Songs: Firehawks and Dirtybirds EP1.  The acoustic songs made up the EP, and the more electric songs happen to be on Holy Nova. We let the electric songs sit for a while and just last year started to manipulate and finalize some of the sounds with the help of some neat, newly acquired, computer software.

What is your philosophy behind song writing?  What make a good song?

My philosophy behind songwriting is hard to explain.  It’s something I can’t sit down and say, ok time to start writing.  I find the busier I am, songwriting becomes easy and just happens.  I think Bob and I both just kinda mess around with ideas until a song begins to form.  I know I’m very competitive when I’m writing.  I’ll hear something on the radio and think, geez, they should of done this or that, it would be so much better.  Of course other bands aren’t going to listen to me, so I apply my criticism to my own stuff and Coco B’s.  I think Bob is the same way, both of us are pretty sarcastic and critical when it comes to music.

A good song is one that can be recorded on any means, being 4-trak, handheld cassette recorder, or whatever and still communicate something to someone.  It has that special something that makes you want to listen to it more than once.

Where did you get the name Coco B’s?

Good question.  I don’t really remember.  I think I may have come up with Coco and Bob B’s.  Yeah, that sounds good!

How did you get hooked up with Grand Theft Autumn records?  How do you know Eric “Cupie” Campuzano?

I’m not sure how Grand Theft Autumn heard about us. We sent a few people copies of Coco B’s EP1, so it could have been that way, or it might have been Eric Campuzano.  Still, not sure.  But, we feel really lucky to be working with such great people and the way things have turned out.

In regards to Eric Campuzano, that is an interesting story.  I met Eric through a friend, Jeff Randall, who used to play bass in Retriever.  We were going to say farewell to a childhood friend who had become a Dr. and was moving to Hawaii, when Jeff mentioned we were also going to be meeting a guy he went to high school with, which happened to be Eric.  I had heard a little about Eric, because we went to the same high school, but just that he was in a band that was gaining popularity.  Anyway, Eric showed up with Wayne Everett and we hit it off, exchanged cd’s, and I got a copy of Pacifico.  We live pretty close to each other and we kept in touch ever since.

What is next for Coco B’s?  Is there a tour in the future?  What about a full length?

There is definitely a full length in the future. Bob and I have a whole bunch of songs and are just starting to do demos of them now.  We plan on putting the demos up as mp3’s w/ lyrics on our website,, and let people help us decide which songs to record.

As far as touring, were just going to have to play it by ear.  We wouldn’t be opposed to it, but it would have to be the right situation.  We plan on playing some radio shows and smaller shows within the next month or so.  Then, we’ll probably be playing live pretty consistently around California by the time our full length is released.

What is the status of Retriever?

Retriever dissolved a few years ago.  It started with friends and fortunately enough ended with friends.

Tell us a little about K Double.

Bob and I put together K-Double as an outlet to keep making music.  When Retriever dissolved and Coco B’s was just starting, we didn’t really want to wait and keep passing out tapes begging labels to help us out.  Therefore, we decided the easiest way to keep progressing, would be to come up with a recording co. At this point, K-Double has pretty much become the name of recording studio.  Our situation with Grand Theft Autumn has worked out really well.  But, just in case we don’t have a record label to release our material or projects, we have a backup.

What are your favorite albums?  Are there any artists in particular that influence or inspire you?  Are you reading anything or is there any author that inspires you?

My favorite albums are probably very different from Bob’s.  My favorites probably change weekly, but nevertheless here they are (at least this week)…  Stone Roses-Self Titled / REM-UP, Life’s Rich Pageant, Document, Reckoning / Beach Boys-Pet Sounds / Creeper Lagoon-I Become Small and Go, Take Back The Universe And Give Me Yesterday / Cornershop-When I Was Born For The 7th Time / U2-The Joshua Tree, October, Unforgettable Fire / Rival Schools-United By Fate /Guided By Voices-Bee Thousand…….  I just realized this list of bands and albums could go on and on, so I’ll stop here.

Any other comments?  Contact information, etc.?

I just want to thank Jason for taking the time for this interview.  If anybody wants to contact Coco B’s, they can visit us at K-Double Recording Co. – or email us at

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