SWC Awards 2002

SWC Awards 2002

Album of the Year
: What a great year for releases! But, despite the many excellent cd’s that came out this year, my choice for best cd would have to go to Early Day Miners, for their incredible Let Us Garlands Bring. A highly technical and involved cd, that conjures up pictures in your mind’s eye. Thoughtful, melancholy lyrics, beautiful arrangements with guitars, drums, drones, strings, keys, harmonicas, and voice, yet not overdone at all. This cd is perfect for gazing out the window on a starry night, driving through the countryside, or playing on a rainy day. beautiful.

Artist of the Year: Well, this is not to suck up to him, or just because he’s become a friend of mine in the last year, but Jesse Eubanks is our artist of the year. he is an independent songwriter out of philly, who released two extremely well-crafted and sincere cd’s (Meditation, Contemplation, and Prayer, and West Coast Politics, East Coast Love). He also contributed music to a Charity Empressa song, went on tour, began recording two ep’s, produced another guy’s ep, and got distro for one of his cd’s on northern records. All with total artistic integrity and vision. Kudos to you, Jesse!

Honorable Mention: The following list contains cd’s that came out this year that were wonderful, and deserve your hard-earned $$, and ears:

Sigur Ros: ( ): Very easily one of my fave cd’s to come out! You know I had to love the Early Day Miners cd to knock this one to 2nd place!)

LN: Novel: Gary Murray delivers a full-length masterpiece of melancholy! what a year for music!

Duraluxe: The Suitcase: Their finest moment. glorious and devious pop.

Jesse Eubanks: Meditation, Contemplation, and Prayer: A cd made for meeting with the creator. Stunning. I can’t say enough good things about the creativity and care that went into this album.

Jesse Eubanks: West Coast Politics, East Coast Love: Jesse shows us his acoustic side, and what do you know, the boy can write and play with passion, honesty, and integrity! A wonderful collection of heartfelt modern folk songs.

The Billions: Never Felt This Way Before: Pop. Done right. Exquisite songwriting.

Best EP: The perfect music for this site was released way early in the year…a little 4 song 10″ vinyl takes our ep of the year… Coastal: Winter. beautiful, delicate, subdued, and oh so painfully sensitive. wow.

Honourable Mention: Charity Empressa: Skin of Whippets: Drones set to a pop format, so delicious!

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