OUT TODAY! - John the Silent: Renewal (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

OUT TODAY! – John the Silent: Renewal (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

Renewal is the sophomore full length from Indiana based ambient/experimental artist John the Silent. Following up on 2019’s explorative debut Pollution/Opportunity which was themed around the artist’s travels to South Africa and featured field recordings from the trip combined with a mix of abrasive and contemplative settings, Renewal takes an introspective turn, both topically and musically. No doubt inspired by the global pandemic of 2020, Renewal takes a year of increased isolation and canceled plans and takes the time to explore questions around true renewal of the soul, rest, patience, wanderlust, facing adversity and loss and finding places of peace even within the most difficult of situations and thwarted plans.

The album is separated into two parts – the full “Renewal Suite” with added interludes and the separate short pieces. The short pieces include companion short films.

Get your copy of this limited release (50 CDs) or in a number of digital formats!

The final mini-film will be released on Monday, May 24th, rounding out the visual aspect for the viewer/listener.

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