TRACK PREMIERE: Billow Observatory - "Bright Lands Rising" (Azure Vista Records, 2019)

TRACK PREMIERE: Billow Observatory – “Bright Lands Rising” (Azure Vista Records, 2019)

by Jason

Billow Observatory is the sonic playground of Jonas Munk (Manual, collaborator with Ulrich Schnauss) and Jason Kolb (Auburn Lull). With their third outing coming February 8th, “Bright Lands Rising” gives us a beautifully sparse and enticing glimpse into the new nine track album entitled III: Chroma/Contour. This third album is a bit of departure from II: Plains/Patterns in that it is sparse and quite gentle in execution. “Bright Lands Rising” plays on a glacial swell pattern that produces a sort of harmony in the piece. Its flow is patient and dappled with moments of texture and listing bright moments that pepper the spaces. Eventually, beautifully bubbling electro-tones peer out of the slow, humpbacked waves. The waves subside and the speckled synth voices populate the soundscape and then fade. Gorgeous and emotively evocative, “Bright Lands Rising” is a window into the brilliance that is III: Chroma/Contour. Listen to “Bright Lands Rising at the soundcloud link below and then click the bandcamp link and pre-order the album on gorgeous vinyl!


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